Advertising Management

From the Monsters of Search

The Monsters of Search can help you manage your advertising presence and your advertising budget. Ads are an important part of your website’s traffic campaign. Ads not only allow you to gain instant traffic for your site, but also gives you tons of keyword data to help your other campaigns such as SEO and conversion optimization.

What kind of results can I expect?

The results can vary drastically from industry to industry. One way that advertising dollars can be looked at is in terms of cost per lead. Think about how much a “warm lead” is worth to you in your industry. Remember that in the legal industry leads can be valued in the hundreds where in the plumbing industry leads will be valued in the single, and maybe double, digits.

So, when you think of results you are thinking of how many “warm leads” can I expect for the money that I am investing.

How Much do You Charge For Advertising Management?

On the average we charge 15% on the budget to manage your PPC advertising campaign. When it comes to social media advertising the price might vary due to all the different advertising options.

How Much Should I Spend on Advertising for My Website?

I know that you probably don’t want to hear it, but advertising with PPC and social media is not cheap. You are looking at a direct correlation to warm leads. If a warm lead in your industry is worth $10 and you hope to acquire even as little as one lead a day that is about $350 for one month. So as your business needs leads you can see that the number can grow drastically.

In an industry where a lead is valued at $2 it is likely that they would need to turn over many more clients in a day to make quotas.

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