Reviews are the lifeblood of your business. They can be the difference between making a sale or losing a customer to a competitor. And, they’re becoming even more important as consumers become savvier.

Make the review process easy.

When it comes to reviews, make the process as easy as possible for your customers. If you want online reviews that provide a positive impression of your business, then make sure that it’s easy for customers to leave feedback. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses don’t take the time to make sure their review collection process is simple and straightforward. When people are asked about their experience with a business online, they want quick answers. If they have trouble leaving reviews or can’t find them in one place, then they won’t bother posting anything at all.

Send out email reminders.

Sending an email for a review is one of the most effective ways to get more reviews.

You don’t want to spam your customers with tons of emails asking for reviews. But you also want to make sure that you ask them at the right time, in a way that makes them feel comfortable and appreciated.

Make sure your product or service is ready to be reviewed. Before you reach out to your customers, make sure they have all the information they need and everything is working properly with your product or service. Don’t send an email asking for a review if there are any bugs or issues on your end that need to be fixed first.

Tell them what you want them to say about you!

It may seem like common sense, but if you don’t tell people exactly what you want them to say about you, then they won’t do it! Make sure that all of your emails have clear instructions about what kind of feedback will help you out the most. Whether that means leaving positive feedback or negative feedback, the more we help them communicate their review, the more likely it will be a good one. This will help ensure that customers aren’t confused when they receive your follow-up request email and will likely increase conversion rates as well as improve overall engagement.

Use social media

Using social media is a great way to encourage reviews and positive feedback. When you start asking for reviews, make sure you don’t come across as pushy or demanding.

Asking for too many reviews can be off-putting, so try to think of a reasonable amount that will be encouraging without becoming annoying. You should also make sure that the way you ask doesn’t seem rude or pushy. You want people who interact with your business on social media sites to see an inviting tone, not one that comes across as angry or desperate.

Offer a discount or incentive.

Offering a discount or incentive for reviews is another tried-and-true strategy that can help you get more reviews. The key here is to make sure the incentive is something that is valuable to your customers, and also something that makes sense for your business. For example, if you offer a discount on future purchases if they leave a review, it may not entice people who already like your products. However, if you offer them an extra copy of their favorite product or even some free shipping, then this might be more motivating for them to leave reviews.

One way to make this work in favor of both parties is by offering the incentive once the review has been posted online. This way, reviewers know what they have earned upfront rather than waiting until after posting their feedback online.

You can get more online reviews without being pushy!

  • Be honest about your service. If you’re not an expert, or just starting out, don’t pretend that you are. Being honest about who we are and what we do will help build trust with customers. Plus, it’s a lot easier for us to do a good job if we know exactly what the customer expects from us.
  • Be consistent in your review process. This is important because it helps build confidence in potential customers. It shows them that their experience will be consistent with other people’s experiences. It also helps keep things simple without any unexpected surprises when someone leaves feedback on one of your listings. Like finding out later that they were unhappy with something but didn’t leave feedback saying anything about it.
  • Be proactive about getting reviews—but only when appropriate! Some businesses set up automated systems for leaving reviews after each transaction has been completed successfully. This approach could backfire if done incorrectly. Some consumers might not like being solicited, especially if they feel pressured into giving positive feedback even though their experience wasn’t great.

The Best Way to Get More Reviews is to Ask

The bottom line is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every business needs different tactics depending on their unique situation and goals. By taking the time to think about what works best for your company, you’ll be able to find a strategy that increases your business’s visibility.