Google Business Profile SEO

Google Business Profile SEO: Unleashing the Power of Local Search in 2024

In the virtual urban sprawl of local businesses, your Google Business Profile is your digital business card. It’s the key to dominating Google Maps. The not-so-secret secret is making your Google Business Profile SEO-friendly.

Start Off With Some Free Tools

GMB Everywhere and Pleper are both Google Chrome extensions that can give you a lot of insights into your competitors and the business landscape on Google Maps. They both add information right to your Google Maps results.

Local Ranking Factors Report 2024

Local pack finder ranking 2023

The yearly Local Ranking Factors Report is full of often overlooked insights. The reports breaks down over a hundred factors impacting Google Business Profile rankings. Here we’re just going to discuss a few at the top, but, by all means, working down the list will help your results drastically.

Business Categories: The Foundation

Still at the top this year is your business categories, especially the primary one. This is the linchpin that holds your business in a service category with Google. Choosing the right primary category isn’t always straightforward. Many people want to click anything that they can, but you shouldn’t. What you should do is click everything that truly applies to your business. Remember, traffic that bounces or leaves sends Google a message too.

Check out all the categories

Keywords in Business Title: A Strategic Move

This is a rough one, but it sure helps. The issue is that by Google rules, your business name should be exact to how it is represented in the real world. If it is not, you could get shut down on Google. So taking your name and adding the service and location at the end isn’t suposed to be an option. While that is the case, if you do it within reason, it is likely that you will seak by. If you’re starting fresh, choose a business name that naturally includes desired keywords. For existing businesses, subtly integrate relevant keywords for a ranking boost, but tread lightly.

Keyword in Name Example

Google Reviews: Building Reputation and Ranking

Google Reviews were and still remain one of the most important factors for service-based local businesses. Positive reviews are the backbone of your business’s reputation and and your ranking factor. If you don’t have a strategy for getting reviews on a regular basis already, you need to start now!

Pre-defined Services: Be Ready for the New Year

What we all assume will be an important factor this year and moving forward are the predefined services. It’s not available for all business types so, check if it’s available for your business on your Google account. By adding specific services relevant to your business categories, you will likely boost your visibility for those services in the coming months.

GMB Services

Tie it Together: Your Website

Your Google Business Profile works in conjuction with your website. Try to tie in locations and services directly to your website, using simular, if not the same terms, keywords, locations, and services. Above we discussed the category. Us that category term on your site. We discussed the keywords in the business title. Make sure your site represents the exact same business name as your Google Business Profile Listing. We discussed reviews. Feature some reviews on your site and include a link on your site where people can leave reviews on your Google Business Profile. Finally we discussed predefined services. Create pages and sections on your website that use the same service titles.

Ready to Soar?

Your Google Business Profile is your gateway to local SEO success. Armed with insights from the Local Ranking Factors Report, strategic category choices, keyword integration, positive reviews, and the exploration of predefined services, you’re poised to climb the ranks on Google Maps. If you’re ready to make your mark, dive into these tactics and watch your business soar to new heights.