SEO from the Monsters of Search

We pride ourselves on transparency and providing our clients with not only results but, concrete proof that work is being done on your company’s behalf. It is not possible to ensure rankings. Any company that offers this is tricking you. We provide you with reports, links and updates to assure you that a competent SEO is physically working on your company’s behalf.

Ranking Higher with SEO

People looking for goods, services and shops are searching online first. By ranking higher in the results you are more apt to be the company that the visitor chooses to go with. There are other avenues to gaining clients on the web such as social media and paid directories but, by and large, the search engine is the place people turn to first.

Benefits of SEO

The benefits of well done SEO is success for your business. The business world is competing on the web and if you are not represented you are not competing. SEO is the go to source for lead generation and new clients for your business, no matter what the field.

Strategies for SEO

There are many ways that an SEO will help your site to show higher in the rankings. The thing that a good SEO in will always keep in mind is good user experience. There is no point in having a person show up to your site to leave immediately.

While there are many, hundreds of tasks your SEO might do to help your site rank higher, most of the tasks land in a few simple categories.

Off Site SEO

Off site optimization is not unlike online versions of tried and true marketing practices. Practices such as getting your message out there (blogging and back-links) being included in classifieds and catalogs (social media and directories) and a few other creative analogies. Off site SEO is basically spreading your message with relevancy in mind.

On Site SEO

On site optimization happens when your SEO combs over the code and content of your website making sure that it is usable, unique, and fulfills all the criteria that the search engines are looking for (i.e. meta tags, headings, titles, links, etc…)

Advanced SEO Strategies

Advanced SEO strategies can include advertisement campaigns, review campaigns, knowledge bases and wikis, client funneling and more.

More info about SEO

It wasn’t long after the invention of the search engine that SEO was invented. In the beginning it was a group of advertisers exploiting loopholes. Nowadays the industry has evolved. Today we provide rankings by following guidelines and trying to provide the best possible user experience.

Have you ever heard the terms “Whitehat” and “Blackhat”? “Blackhat” (referring to the bad guy in a western) are the exploitative processes used by old and out dated SEOs. Today quality SEO that will give your company long term benefits, instead of a quick boost followed by a blacklisting from the results entirely, is done “Whitehat”; “Whitehat” referring to the good guys in a western.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Below are some of the common questions I get from businesses about SEO.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of making your site more apt to show higher up in the search results when a person searches for certain key phrases.

How does one SEO?

Just like with any industry, that is a big question. To sum it up the optimizer addresses things called ranking factors. Ranking factors are things that the engines look for to ascertain whether your site is a relevant match to the term that the user is searching for. There is a lot more to it but that’s a summary in a nutshell in a quick.

How will SEO help my business?

If you are a person living… Just about anywhere, you are familiar with using search engines to find local businesses and services. The world no longer turns to the phone book for these things, they turn to the web. Specifically they statistically turn to Google.

In order to compete in today’s local business market, you’ll have to compete in the search engines as well.