Social Media Management from the Monsters of Search

Managing and plotting a social media campaign can take a lot of time away from the other important aspects of your business. Let the social media experts at The Monsters of Search help make sure that your brand is well established and represented on the web.

What Social Media Do You Manage?

We manage your entire social media presence, from the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter to underground powerhouses such as Reddit and Tumblr all the way to industry specific message boards and networks. We even manage review networks like Yelp and Network Blogs.

How can I be sure that my business is represented properly

At the beginning of you campaign we will make sure that a plan is set forth that both you and we agree on. We are partners in this and your success and proper representation reflects directly on us. As your campaign continues you will receive monthly reports along with a “Direction Sheet” explaining our plan for the following month.

Want to know more? Contact us today and we cann we can discuss your social media plan.