Do I need a New Website?

Do I need a New Website?

This is a subjective question. A good way to address this question would be to address each of the possible reasons why you might need a new website.

Reasons Why You Might Need a New Website

This is just a small list of the possible reasons you might need a new site. Run through it and make a mental note of your yes’s and no’s.


The most common need for a new website in the past few years has been responsiveness. Responsiveness means that your website will resize itself and possibly change the order of content and the content that is displayed based on the size of the screen or device that is viewing it. An easy way to think of this is, “How does my website look on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop?” If the answer is “Not Good” to any of these, you either need a new website or at least a serious overhaul of your current site.

Streamlining Your Process

Another common need for a new website is business growth. A new website can go a long way in streamlining your business process. Maybe your copying and pasting forms into a CRM or having to reformat printing labels. It’s always a good idea to assess how a new website could better streamline your business saving you time and money.

Outdated Code

Some websites just need to be updated because they need to be updated. Either for using code that is out of date or using code that will slow the site down and even get it blacklisted from search engines. Every once in awhile I run across a site that is still trying to use Frontpage extensions or entirely created in flash. If your website is using deprecated tech, you need a new website.

Search Engine Optimization

A lot of the time when a company first signs up for search engine optimization services the company will tell them that they need a new website. While sometimes this isn’t true, a lot of the time it is. Especially if you are just getting started with SEO on an old website. A large part of the battle with search engine optimization is the structure of the site and how fast the site loads. If your site does not fulfill the criteria needed for an effective SEO campaign you will not see the results that you were hoping for and therefore will need a new website.

New Branding

As businesses gain more success they often go through a branding change. A branding change often comes with a new logo and a more streamlined look. Revamping your site for a re-brand is a perfect time to think about getting a new website.

Your Website is Hideously Ugly

Maybe your site is just gross. Nothing will make a visitor bounce faster than seeing a hideous website that either looks like it’s webmaster died ages ago or is carting on with old design styles that currently look spammy. Check out some new sites and compare them to yours.


Chances are you said yes to a few of the reasons noted above. If so? You might want to start shopping for some quotes. One reason that I didn’t cover above is that “Maybe… You just want a new site”. A new site can breath freshness and inspiration into your business.

Reasons Why You Might Need a New Website

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